The Official Spa of Bassology LIVE: Rayne Spa

Rayne SpaSo this idea came to me a while ago.  Most bass guitar events that I am lucky enough to attend usually have a very small concentration of women. This time around seeing that I’m the main organizer for Bassology LIVE I wanted to make sure that the ladies felt welcome, whether they are bass players themselves or accompanying their significant others to this event.  What better way to cater to the ladies thatn with free spa treatment from Rayne Spa: One of the newest Aveda concept locations on the Toronto Danforth.

“We take care of you so you can take care of the world”

How can you not just relax after hearing such comforting words. Three lucky winners will be getting complementary Spa Facials/Massages, and one of the winning prizes comes with a free upgrade (This prizes will be a draw amongst the women in attendance.)
Take the virtual tour of the spa here: or check them out online. There are always deals that you can take advantage of through Facebook, not to mention stunning reviews of how amazing the spa treatments are.  Now go see for yourself.



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