Master Class with Anthony Wellington

So I drove 2.5 hours out to Kingston ON, to have a private lesson with one of my bass guitar idols. Anthony Wellington. For those of you who may not know him, Anthony Wellington is considered one of the best instructors on the planet for bass. I first met him a year ago at the Victor Wooten Bass/Nature Camp.

Being able to have a one on one lesson with him is always life changing. Recognizing the areas that you need to grow in, and still having the confidence that it is perfectly attainable. I just want to encourage everyone whether your passion is music, bass guitar or something else, work hard at it, and the reward will be in the results of that labour.

I’ve said before that this journey of mine to become a Master Class Musician, is one I’ve just recently started. However, I’m highly optimistic and believe that the train is leaving the station, and the future is filled with worthwhile struggles, and frustrations that will joyfully be overcome in time. The end result will undoubtedly be “The Heart of Music in Every Beat


Thanks for reading
-4th Metric