Killing Me Softly

The final jam of the #SoulJamSessions was the classic and ever loved “Killing Me Softly” performed originally by Roberta Flack and made even more famous by The Fugees. I’ve always loved this song, but I’ve always wondered why it was never portrayed as a conflict between the singer and the guitarist…you know the one who’s actually strumming, and the lady who is singing about it.

If I had the budget to do a music video, that’s the angle that I would take. My vision for this jam was simple, singer and guitarist front and center, and a kick ass guitar solo to bring it all home. For vocals I could think of no other than “Sonia Collymore” and for my guitarist, I went through 7 different guitarists before I met Ben Foran (aka the Shredder.) The rehearsal sounded great, and we went ahead and did it. I hope you like it.

Feel free to share and like the video as you see fit, and as always, thanks for reading.