Is Toronto A Music City?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I saw a really great article in CP24 that was worth sharing. A few weeks ago I shared a link to the “Top 10 North American Cities with Exploding Music Scenes”. I was pretty proud that Toronto was listed third.

This week Raven Gordon shared this video on CP24 asking the question:

Is Toronto A Music City?

Raven got the input form various areas of influence in the city, from the iconic Horse Shoe Tavern, to city councilors and prominent artists. Take a look.

The main points I gathered from the video involves many areas responsibility:

Artist: We can take the time effort and initiative to learn about the resources, available to us as performers and entertainers, and ensure we familiarize ourselves with the industry and how to best navigate it.

Event Promoters: Changing the long-standing expectation of having artists perform for free (often in the name of exposure). Working with artist to arrive at fair arrangements for all parties involved will help with everything from the vibe of the performance, to the return business and word of mouth advertising.

“One thing Toronto always seems to do is only give recognition to our local artists when they gain fame maybe elsewhere”
Josh Cole (City Councilor)



The city of Toronto: Let’s try and change the sad truth of the above quote, and passionately support local talent. Before they make it big, before record deals, before they’re trending on twitter, you can have eternal bragging rights to knowing about “Band X” before most.

There’s an opportunity for us all to do our part and do our best in the areas we can control and hopefully Toronto will continue to push forward as one of the go to cities, for live music and great entertainment.

Thanks to Raven for this article and to all the people who contributed on it.
Justin Kwan – Festival Manager of Canadian Music Week
Shi Wisdom – Artist, Songwriter, Performer
Josh Colle – City Councillor
Jeff Cohen– Owner of
Horseshoe Tavern


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