I Put A Spell On You

I’m excited to share this performance with you. Last year we put together a 15 piece band and took on the iconic Lula Lounge. The show was well received and we set up a few cameras to capture the performances. We recorded all the audio inputs and mixed the raw audio later. This is the result of all that hard work. This song especially stood out to all of us. Omega Mighty shows us just how fitting her name is in every sense of the word. I Put A Spell On You. The iconic Screaming Jay Hawkins Track made famous by Nina Simone and now yours truly.

Watch a masterful performance of a classic

The keys were in lock step with the drums and percussions and we all just rallied around the lead. Omega delivered a masterful performance and Martin Kuwawi answered with a mind bending guitar solo. If Annie Lennox ever gets a chance to see this I hope she enjoys our rendition of her work. Thanks for watching and reading a long. Please like share and subscribe as we will be posting more songs from the #Boogieman2019 concert.