Interview with Sonia

This is a very easy and a very heart-warming story for me to tell. Sonia and I had never met before, but through mutual people we ended up on this volunteer project to provide Caribbean entertainment for a Diversity festival. When I found out that I was going to be working with a Two-Time Juno award winner I knew I had to make sure I had my stuff together. Just a few of her accolades include:
2001 Canadian Reggae Music Awards Winner
2003 JUNO Award for Reggae Recording of the Year: “You Won’t See Me Cry”
2005 JUNO Award for her debut CD/Album WYSIWYG

Backing vocals for Beres Hammond
Lead Singer for “Just Friends”
Adopted big sister of 4th Metric.
Sonia and I hit it off, and I have learned a great deal from her experience in the music business. She truly is a remarkable woman who has accomplished so much in such a short time. Needless to say I was excited when she agreed to do this interview with me and share some of her experience in this video.



Sonia embodies the “can-do” attitude of a true overcomer and backs up her every word with effort and hard work. It’s no wonder she’s be able to walk in such a blessed path.

You can find her album on Amazon. Follow Sonia on Twitter and Check out the band she’s working with called Just Friends.

As always, thanks for watching.