Interview with Ben Foran

Hi everyone,
This is the final installment of the Soul Jam Sessions, where I got a chance to chat with Ben Foran (aka The Shredder). When I started looking for a guitarist to work with on this project, I found it very difficult to find the right person. I went through maybe 13 – 15 different guitarists. When I reached out to the phenomenal Adrian Eccleston, he put me on to Ben Foran. I called him up, and everything fell into place.

Ben is an amazing guitarist and an accomplished musician. He has a remarkable ability to instantly adjust to the feel of the groove, from jaw dropping guitar solos to the most subtle and essential rhythms and fills Ben does it all. He’s a pleasure to work with and a great person in general. You can check out our YouTube channel to hear him on some of our studio sessions.


In this interview Ben talks with me about where he finds his inspiration for song writing. Outlining that it’s easiest to draw from what you know, whether it be relationships, travel or other life experiences, the key is to be honest with yourself and write what you feel.

We talked a lot about what it takes to survive as a session musician in the musical landscape of Toronto. Ben said simply:

If you’re passionate about it and easy to work with, You’ll get work…You could be the craziest player, but if you’re not a good person I don’t think you’re gonna get work

It’s really important to understand that being successful in music isn’t only about the music, but personality, attitude and business sense matter a great deal. Ben mentioned that it’s also important to ask for what you believe you’re worth. His musical ability has given Ben the experience of touring the US and Canada (I think he’s in China right now) and has also led to opportunities to share the stage/studio with the likes of:
Slakah the Beatchild,
Andreena Mill
Christian Bridges
Sean Leon
Daniel Ceaser

and many more. The key things that I took away from this interview are; to continue to be passionate about what I love, and to pursue that passion with will all intensity. So thanks to Ben Foran for reminding me why it is we do what we do. I hope that anyone reading this will find inspiration to continue chasing their dreams and dedicating time to their craft.

Thanks so much for reading and watching.


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