In Loving Memory of My Dad: Joseph ‘Foley’ Harry

I’m not even sure where to start. On Feb 26th2019 My dad, Joseph ‘Foley’ Harry passed away. It’s one of the hardest things that I’ve had to go through. Everyone copes differently and my method was to refrain from posting or sharing anything until I felt like I was ready, and that I could do it in a way that first brought honour to his memory.

My dad put a guitar in my hands before I was even conscious of who I was. 4thMetric Music got it’s name a number of ways, but one of the key elements is that I am the 4thgeneration of Musician in my family  (that I know of), and that is undoubtedly because of my dad. Seeing talent my siblings an I at an early age he always tried to nurture that. I’ve always said that I want to take music as far as I possibly can and in so doing I keep dad with me in more ways than just my memories.

Dad had a hard life but his smile still lit up the room, he made his fair share of mistakes and even though life through everything at him, he never lost his faith. His medical file had so many entries it could give an encyclopedia competition, and even though he was slipping away in his last few years, he was sill a wealth of knowledge that I would seek out as often as I could.


I want to be able to tell him about the gigs that I have to play, or how the shows went, or to get ideas of what songs to incorporate into the ultimate set list. I miss him more than words can say so this video is just a way of my trying to tell him once again how much I loved him, how much of a difference he made in my life, how much I learned from him and how grateful I am that he tried despite all of life’s adversity.

Thanks for teaching me so much, and for guiding me to music