Hilarious Interview with Beyond Steeles & Robin

In the next video I got to sit down with some of the coolest vocalists I know, Beyond Steeles and my sister Robin. I’ve known Robin my entire life, and the guys from Beyond Steeles, I’ve known for almost 10 years I’d say, from their involvement in the University of Toronto Gospel Choir.
I needed a few vocalists for the songs I wanted to cover and Robin helped me put that together. I believe everyone has a story and I like learning as much as I can from the people willing to share that knowledge with me. So I was very excited when everyone agreed to do the interview with me. This is probably my favourite video just because of what we did to Moses. Watching him systematically breakdown after being thrown under the bus (not literally) was absolutely hilarious.


He was a good sport about it all though, and we were able to get back into the swing of things. We addressed a few things surrounding:


  • The vocal sections comprising a typical choir, and their arrangements on stage,
  • The role of an executive producer in the creation of an album, and
  • A magnificent, unrehearsed demonstration of the difference between harmony and unison.



The interview was done in two parts. This is the first installment. Next week I will post the second video that we did, and the final part of the interview. You can find links to the album beyond steels was involved in on this page, as well was links to the U of T Gospel Choir and Michael Dave’s Photography initiative. Thanks so much for reading