Happy Birthday Eric Clapton

If you’re a fellow bass player you probably did like me and started out on guitar before you “saw the light” haha. Starting on guitar I had one clear goal, which was to sound as much like Eric Clapton as possible. It’s his birthday today and 70 years is quite a milestone. I’ve idolized his musical ability for years, from his technique, the amount of tone he gets from bending the strings, his brilliance with lyrics and the simplicity of his performances that still manage to be jaw dropping and awe inspiring. Eric Clapton has played with almost every noteworthy guitarist in the business.
You were probably the first to give your guitar a masculine name “Blackie” (don’t get me started on how may times I’ve had to defend the name of my bass) and your music was the first to make my eyes sweat.

Eric Clapton has had an interesting life, not without its trials, but what I respect about him is that he came to terms with who he was as an artist, as a man, as a performer, and (as far as I know) never tried to be anything more or different from his own sense of self. Staying true to that level of conviction when people are putting graffiti everyone proclaiming your divinity can be difficult. Eric Clapton’s performances remained pure, without the use of gimmicks or attempts to be trendy. The nerdy glasses his guitar(s) have worked from his genesis and I respect that greatly.


“I am, and always will be, a blues guitarist.” – Eric Clapton 


Happy Birthday Eric Clapton.


4th Metric