Bassology LIVE Sponsor: Gruv Gear

Not sure where to start with Gruv Gear. I guess first of all, a killer name that tells you exactly what the company is about. Gruv Gear has some of the most coveted inventions (I’d like to call them) that serve to compliment a musician’s craft. From their signature fret wraps to the V-Cart Solo, these innovative products just make life easier for the working musician.

Gruv Gear endorses our featured artist Anthony Wellington, who will be delivering one of his notoriously sought after Master Classes, this June 7th at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. I will honestly encourage any guitarist, bass player, roadie, and music enthusiast to check out, like and follow Gruv Gear. Not only because they are dedicated supporters of their artist, but they tend to have some pretty exclusive deals as well.

My sincerest thanks to Gruv Gear for being a proud supporter of Bassology LIVE: in Toronto: A Master Class with Anthony Wellington.  Attendees will get a chance to win some of Gruv Gear’s signature products, including: Fret Wraps and a Premium SoloStrap. I admit I will be envious of anyone who wins but I can only hope my family is reading this, and remembers come Christmas *hint hint





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