Bassology LIVE Sponsor: Fodera

This is a more unorthodox review of Fodera. Most people will tell you how amazing the basses are and comment on the superb craftsmanship. It is no question that Fodera makes some of the sexiest basses on earth (like the Holly Emperor II 5 Elite), but I like to talk about the people behind the company. It’s always good to know the story of a company as I feel that it allows you to connect a little better with the product if you understand the vision of the people involved. Fodera is considered one of the best bass manufacturers on the planet and if you watch this you’ll soon see why.


The video honestly paints the perfect picture, and it’s no surprise that their basses are played by artists such as: Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, James Jamerson Jr.  and Victor Bailey just to name a few.
My personal experience with Fodera has been an absolute pleasure. You can tell right away that everyone there seems genuinely excited about their work and the artists who play them. Fodera is a proud sponsor of Bassology LIVE featuring another of their artist: Bass Instructor Extraordinaire: Anthony Wellington.

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