Bassology LIVE Sponsor: F Bass Inc

When one of Bass Player Magazine’s Top 10 Bassists Alain Caron collaborates with a seasoned guitar designer, something very interesting has to happen. F Bass is a local Canadian Bass guitar manufacturer that is making waves in the music industry.  F Basses are hand crafted in Hamilton Ontario since 1978.

Their mission is: “To create instruments of unprecedented quality & craftsmanship for an array of musicians (from bedroom players to seasoned veterans).”

They hold true to that statement since F Bass’ booth can be found at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) and are played by some of the most in demand session bassists in Toronto.

The staff at F Bass was more than happy to be a sponsor of Bassology LIVE, donating some of their signature “taper core “ strings and premium Weight Reducing Leather Strap. I am also super excited that the founder and owner of F Bass, Mr. George Furlanetto will be present at Bassology LIVE to take in the Master Class. I am truly humbled by this honour and hope that the experience will be as impactful on you all as it is on me.  My sincerest thanks to everyone at F Bass for being on board with this event.

Take a look through their website and learn why they’re a global contender in the realm of sound engineering, style musicality and customer service (which is just as important in any brand.)

You’ll thank me later.



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