Bassology LIVE Sponsor: DR Strings

I always wondered what ‘DR’ stood for in DR Strings. After a short trip to the internet I learned the founders of this American electric/acoustic string manufacturer were Mark Dronge, and Dr. Benzion Rapoport. I’m no detective but I’d bet that the name came from the first letters of the founders’ last names.

I first noticed DR strings at an open house in Mississauga, where bass-master Curtis Freeman was playing with neon green strings. Halfway through his performance and workshop, he notices the crowd just keeps staring at his strings in bewilderment… “…Oh it’s DR” to which the crowd responded with a collective chuckle.

DR Strings are used by some of the best in the business like: Sting, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Lauren Taneil (Beyoncé’s Bassist) and of course: Anthony Wellington, from the Victor Wooten Band. Anthony will be delivering one of his life-changing Master Classes this June 7th at the Drake Hotel. 4th Metric Music will host Bassology LIVE, and DR Strings has agreed to be a proud sponsor, donating some pretty awesome luminescent strings that a few lucky winners will have a chance to take home. Thanks to DR Strings, & Anthony for your commitment to the development of Bass Players the world over.


For more information on DR Strings please check them out below:


Tickets on sale now for Bassology LIVE: watch online, or attend in Toronto.

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