Discovery: Club Bass

I manage to pull myself away from all planning of Bassology LIVE and managed to go check out this place called Club Bass. To the veteran bass players in Toronto you probably have heard of it before. It’s a bass guitar and accessory store and they really know their stuff. Club Bass celebrated its 20th anniversary this past Sunday, and after 5 minutes in the place you can already tell why. The attention to detail is all there, the pictures on the website actually match what you see in store, and the staff act like they would do this stuff even if they weren’t getting paid.

Dave talked about his selection process for what ends up in the show room, and I got to hear how some of the basses sound. I made a few new friends, and it’s no surprise I ran into a few old friends. There was even a small section of alumni from Wooten Woods.  It was a really chill time… even though Dave made fun of the fact that I carry my business cards in an old cassette case haha, now you have further insight as to why one of my nick names is “old school.”

So Club Bass was my discovery of the week, and I’m pretty sure I will be returning someday soon. Leaving my credit card at home on this first visit was a good idea. On my next visit I may even rock some of the free swag I got from the open house. If you guys know of any other cool instrument spots in the GTA, feel free to let me know.


Thanks for reading