Many people have helped me get this far with my dream, but the people that resound in my mind are as follows:

Ayesha. Thank you for taking my idea and creating it into a brand and for putting up with my spam-like emails and texts. To my dad, Foley – thank you for introducing me to music. Thanks to my mom for her unending support and encouragement and a special thanks to my sister for answering my incessant questions and second-guessing, and for letting me interrupt all her TV shows to ask about Twitter… To Tamisha and both Sonias for making my debut possible, and for having faith in me. Mr Jackson for the great idea, and to my business mentors Ryan and Elena, I appreciate all your advice, direction, counsel and friendship. Also, eternal gratitude to my bass instructor Adam, and my musical mentor Bruce, for helping me get this far and for constantly showing me new and innovative ways to improve with complex simplicity and style.

There really are probably over a hundred people that I could list individually, but I only have so much space. So to everyone else who was involved in this project – you know who you are – thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.