Chuck Rainey Master Class

There are a few names that we immediately attribute to certain things. Pop music has Michael Jackson, Basketball has Michael Jordan, Martial Arts has Bruce Lee, and in my world The Electric Bass bass Chuck Rainey. Chuck Rainey is one of the first masters of the Electric Bass. He has a discography that could fill the pages of a novel, and to put it into perspective he learned from James Jamerson, and Chuck Rainey is the man that Victor Wooten calls a mentor.

I was fortunate enough to meet Chuck at the 2012 Bass/Nature Camp in Nashville, and this weekend, Chuck Rainey will be delivering a Master Class Workshop in Kingston Ontario. I’m beyond excited to spend two hours learning from one of the most celebrated bass players of all time. I have so many questions, I consider myself truly fortunate.
For anyone who wants to attend, tickets are only $20 in advance and $25 at the door. You can find all the information in the Events section of our website. I’ll let you guys know what the experience was like when I get back. Wish me luck

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4th Metric